Fawn: Light Roast Single Origin Colombia

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Fawn Light Roast: Your Coffee Adventure Awaits Step into the world of Fawn, our light roast coffee that’s as unique as a Colombian sunrise. This isn’t just a 12oz bag of coffee, it’s your ticket to a flavor journey. With a floral aroma that greets you like a warm hug, notes of grape and cocoa that dance on your palate, and a chardonnay aftertaste that’s the perfect finale.

Why Fawn?

  • Quality: Like a trusted friend, our ethically sourced and freshly roasted beans never let you down.
  • Flavor: It’s not just coffee, it’s a symphony of flavors playing a morning concerto in your cup.
  • Support Local: Choosing Fawn is like cheering for the home team and petting a Corgi at the same time. Go, local!

Product Details

  • Size: 12oz/340g bag
  • Roast: Light Roast
  • Taste: Floral, grape, cocoa, bright acidity, medium body, chardonnay aftertaste.

Ready to embark on a coffee adventure? Order Fawn today and let the journey begin!