Highbred: Medium Roast Colombia/Brazil Blend

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Brewing a cup of Highbred: Medium Roast Colombia/Brazil Blend feels like a regal experience! This royal specialty coffee offers a flavor palette that'll make you feel like royalty, with notes of brown sugar and almond on the nose and familiar flavors of chocolate and nougat, plus a subtle lingering flavor of cherry in the aftertaste. Every 12oz bag contains washed natural beans and delivers a mild acidity and a medium clean body. So "bark" the royal order and make Highbred your king of coffee!

Support your love for Corgis and local businesses and enjoy delicious, high-quality coffee with our Corgi Coffee Beans. Order now and savor the perfect blend of flavor and passion.

  • SIZE: 12oz/340g bag
  • ROAST: Medium Roast
  • TASTE: brown sugar, almond on fragrance and aroma, chocolate, nougat, cherry
    aftertaste. Mild acidity and a medium clean body

Corgi Coffee Beans

Our beans are ethically sourced from Brazil and Colombia, and roasted in California. Our beans are naturally processed and always roasted fresh.